Carvel Introduces New Chocolate Crunchies Treats Lineup

Crunchies are probably best described as crispy morsels of pure chocolatey goodness with a crunch.

Carvel’s limited-time chocolate Crunchies lineup includes:

  • Crunchies Soft Serve Cone: A vanilla soft serve ice cream cone rolled in Chocolate Crunchies.
  • Crunchies Sundae Dasher: Layers of classic vanilla soft serve, chocolate Crunchies, hot fudge, whipped cream and more Crunchies.
  • Crunchies Shake: Crispy chocolatey Crunchies swirled with fudge into an undeniably delicious shake.
  • Crunchies Flying Saucers: Carvel’s one-of-a-kind Flying Saucer ice cream sandwich rolled in the brand’s one-of-a-kind chocolate Crunchies.
  • Crazy for Crunchies Cake: A layer of chocolate Crunchies, sandwiched between layers of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, loaded with fudge, and covered in extra Crunchies.

Additionally, chocolate Crunchies can be added to just about any Carvel treat for an additional upcharge.

Carvel’s new chocolate Crunchies treats can be found at participating locations nationwide for a limited time.

Image – Carvel

Carvel Introduces New Chocolate Crunchies Treats Lineup

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